January 19, 2018 at 7pm

January 20, 2018 at 2pm

January 20, 2018 at 7pm

Adapted by Gary Peterson

Produced by special arrangement with

Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, Colorado

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Adapted from the classic children's book, this one-act play tells the tale of Mary, a lonely and spoiled orphan who arrives at Misselthwaite Manor under the care of her absent uncle.  Left to her own devices, Mary discovers a secret garden and a sickly boy who turns out to be her cousin Colin!  Attentive and nurturing, Mary helps to create magical transformations at Misselthwaite Manor.


Production Team


Assistant Director ... Samuel Zarek

Stage Manager … Maha Noor


Assistant Stage Manager ... Lexi Wankowski


Set Crew Heads … Tanner Buggeln


Props Crew Head … Kennedi Williams


Costume Crew Head … Claudia Lawson

Light Crew Head … Allison Flores


Sound Crew Head ... Katerin Hernandez

Assistant Sound Crew Head ... Micco Daniels

Cast List


Mary Lennox ... Laura Schmechel

Mrs. Medlock … Jessica Kabinier


Martha Sowerby ... Nicole Duchaine


Ben Weatherstaff … Katia Ramirez


Dickon Sowerby … Erica Bartell


Colin Craven … Kaylie Farfan

Archibald Craven … Max Fisher


The Robin ... Lena Vallejos

Children/Servants ... Nathaniel Hales

       Kaylee Henley

   Brooke King

       MacKenzie McLean

        Breyla Rhymes


Crew List


Josiah Arnett

Monica Caceres-Chacon

Hunter Dale

Jared Diallo

Fernand Ekoue Zondodji

Emily Gomez-Ponce

Nico John Hooper

Jessica Kabinier

Angela Melendez

Daniel Owen

Jordan Patnett

Angelia Purdie

Katia Ramirez

Tania Romero Gonzalez

Laura Schmechel

Hayleigh Wankowski

Loki Willis

Denilson Zapata

and students of the

Technical Theatre 1 course


Directed by Donovan Fisher


Special thanks to Laura Marshall for our production photos.

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