Deric Quincy Allen (Mariner/Voice) is performing in his third show! He is very excited to be a part of the last show of his freshman year. He would like to thank his parents and his friends for inspiring him to do theatre at all. He would also like to thank his wonderful theatre teacher Mrs.Shaw: “She is truly marvelous and is super nice”. He can't wait to see what the future holds for him in theatre.


Yara Ammar (Antonio/Crew) is in her 3rd show with MVHS Theater Arts. She has had a lot of fun putting

on this show and hopes you enjoy it!


Rachel Lenora Baker (Stephano/Crew) is ecstatic about her part in Mount Vernon's production of The Tempest. She is loving the Starbucks and digging the jig if you groove with it. She loves all her cast members and is obsessed with her character Stephano. She hopes you enjoy the groovy show that they have put on. Do what you dig if you jig baby.


Erica Bartell (Mariner/Voice) is a member of the class of 2019 who will be staring in her fifth and final production with MVHS Theatre Arts. In theatre, she was a Cappies Critic, Co-Captain of Major Drama Improv, and a member of ITS. Her previous roles include the Ghost Of Christmas Present (A Christmas Carol), Cyndra (High School Musical), Dickon Sowerby (The Secret Garden), and the Director of the School/Other Spare (A Spare Me). She was enrolled in Technical Theatre 1 this past year in which she proudly created the pillow for the shoe in Cinderella. In the fall, she will be attending George Mason University where she will major in Marketing (she’s undeclared for now), and minor in Theatre Performance. She would like to thank her parents for supporting her, the cast and crew for making this show happen, and Mrs. Shaw for inspiring her deep passion in theatre.


Ashley Davis (Assistant Publicity Crew Head) is happy for her 3rd show at MVHS. This is her first time being crew head, and she is happy about it. As well as doing shows at MVHS, she also did Aladdin Jr and Hairspray Jr at WWMS, and she is taking theatre as one of her classes at MVHS.

Nicole Duchaine (Crew) has taken part in Fiddler on the Roof, One Lane Bridge, The Secret Garden (Martha), Bye Bye Birdie (Mrs. MacAfee), A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Spare Me (Win), Goldilocks on Trial, Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and The Tempest. She hopes you enjoy the show and would like the thank her friends and family for their continuous support.


Emma Fisher (Trinculo/Set Crew Head) has had fun in her 5th MVHS theatre arts show. She is being forced to write a bio in a short amount of time instead of screwing in the ladder, so this is it for her bio. She hopes you have a good show.

Max Fisher (Mariner/Voice/Crew) is performing in his fifth production at Mount Vernon. He has previously performed and/or been a crew member in: The Secret Garden, Bye Bye Birdie, A Spare Me, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Goldilocks on Trial, Cinderella, and Chairs.


Sarah Funkhouser (Boatswain) is excited for her fourth show with Mount Vernon! Sarah was previously in the fall play, spring musical, and children’s theatre show. She would like to thank her mom, Emily, Ryan, and Becca. She wouldn’t be where she was without them! She would also like to thank all of the other cast members for the unforgettable experiences and friendships she was able to have throughout this year's productions.


Ethan Garcia (Crew) has worked backstage in a Walt Whitman school play and has been a lead actor in a play for Walt Whitman school. He’d like to thank his mom for dropping him off and picking him up every day.


Emily Gomez-Ponce (Hair and Make-Up Crew Head) is in her 7th show, and 3rd time being Hair & Make-Up Crew head. She has worked on The Secret Garden, Bye Bye Birdie, A Spare Me, Goldilocks on Trial, Chairs, and Cinderella. She has been Hair & Make-Up Crew Head in Goldilocks on Trial and Cinderella. She is super excited to work on The Tempest as Hair and Make-Up Crew Head. She would like to thank her parents for the unconditional support.


Nate Hales (Caliban/Crew) is very excited to perform in The Tempest. This will be a somewhat important role for Nate because this is the most lines he has ever had. This will be his seventh performance at Mount Vernon High School and his favorite. He has had a lot of fun working through his character and making every little character choice.  His favorite part of his character is the weird little walk he does; he decided on it day one and has been super excited to show off his skills as a very dumb, very ugly monster!


Nah’Jayha Hatcher (Assistant Props Crew Head) is really excited for her second play with the Mount Vernon Theatre Arts  program.


Kaylee D. Henley (Boatswain/Crew) is happy that this show ends the year! She has had loads of fun during this production and the ones that came before. She's also excited that this is her first production where she is in crew, and hopes to participate more behind stage. Kaylee wishes that you enjoy this show and the wonderful shows of next year! ( ᐛ )و

Nicole Jimenez (Crew) is part of the crew for The Tempest and was part of the past two theatre productions. She hopes that you enjoy the show!


Christine Johnson (Ariel/Crew) is full of beans to act in her first show. She has been playing violin for 6 years. She hopes you enjoy The Tempest.


Aubrey Kocen (Crew) is a 9th grader at MVHS.  This is her third time participating in theatre through helping with the crew. She enjoys all the new skills she is learning by building and painting things and helping out as an usher.  


Tyaliah Larkins (Crew) loves theatre, dancing, and singing, and hopes that doing theatre could help her make new friends and help her with her shyness. She has two sisters, and a niece and a nephew named Nora and Jacari.


Meagan Miller (Mariner/Voice/Crew) can’t wait for her second show at Mount Vernon High School and her first time on crew. She has also performed in Cinderella and would like to thank her family for being so supportive.


Quinn Montgomery (Crew) is in his third show at Mount Vernon but his first time being only on the crew. He is enjoying the entire process and does not know how to spell. As this is written before the production, he predicts one and only one of the shows will be rained out and moved inside.


Caden Mulvey (Crew) is excited for his 4th show at Mt. Vernon! He was Assistant Light and Sound Crew Head for Cinderella and on the crew for A Spare Me and Goldilocks on Trial. He is thankful for his friends and family who helped support him in his journey through freshman year.


Jordan Patnett (Sebastian/Hair and Make-Up Crew Head) is so excited to be a part of her 10th and final show at Mount Vernon. Throughout her time in theatre Jordan has learned various different aspects of tech, even becoming crew head for a few of the productions. She hopes everyone enjoys the show. "Break a leg guys!"


Travis Raburn (Mariner/Voice) is a member of FBLA and now a self-pronounced theatre kid. As this is his first show, he thought he wouldn’t make many friends and be as accepted as he has been, yet the people he’s met so far have been so inviting and friendly, so a huge thanks to everyone.


Katia Ramirez (Props Crew Head/Miranda) is very excited to be in her second Shakespearean play. She’d like to thank her family and friends for helping and supporting her through the year. She hopes you enjoy the show!


Daffne Reyes (Crew) is in her second show at Mount Vernon. She is having a blast working with everyone to make this show great! 

Breyla Rhymes (Publicity Crew Head/Dramaturg/Boatswain) is excited to be performing in her 6th show at MVHS. She played a child/servant in The Secret Garden, Snug in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Emini in A Spare Me, Mama Bear in Goldilocks On Trial, and is playing a Boatswain in The Tempest. She is participating in ITS and Cappies Critics this year. She hopes you enjoy the last show of the season. Enjoy!

Alexya Robinson (Crew) is in her third show, but her first show doing crew. She's ended up learning a lot more things in theatre crew, like how to properly measure and cut wood. She most definitely enjoyed painting the set the most. Making friends with other people in theatre has helped her broaden her horizons and her acting skills. She's become more connected with her emotions and can portray them in proper ways. She's having fun and loves everything's that's gone on in theatre.

Karly Sargent (Prospero/Crew) is a junior and is excited to be playing Prospero in The Tempest. This year, she has been Two in A Spare Me, I in Chairs, and Portia in Cinderella. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Brenda Sarpong (Assistant Costume Crew Head) is excited for her first show as a Crew Head. She has been part of crew for some past shows. Other than theatre, Brenda is a part of the MVHS Chamber Orchestra and a member of the MVHS Marching Majors. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Laura Schmechel (Costume Crew Head/Alonso) is super excited to be a part of her 12th show at Mount Vernon! Previously, both at Walt Whitman Middle School, she played Tessie in Annie JR and Ariel in The Little Mermaid JR. Freshman year, she was Martha Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, Gabriella in High School Musical, and Tove #1 in Beware the Jabberwock. Sophomore year, she was a narrator in One Lane Bridge, Mary Lennox and crew in The Secret Garden, Margie and crew in Bye Bye Birdie, and Puck, Philostrate, and Assistant Costume Crew Head in A Midsummer Nights Dream. This year, she played Doppe and was the Costume Crew Head in A Spare Me, was the Costume Head in Goldilocks On Trial, G in the VHSL competition show Chairs, and was Cinderella and the Costume Crew Head in Cinderella. She is also a proud member of Vocal Recall, TRI-M, and is the upcoming year's ITS President. Laura would like to thank her family and friends for all their support.  She hopes you enjoy the show!

Olivia Schmechel (Mariner/Voice/Crew) has been doing shows since 7th grade. She was in the ensemble of Aladdin Jr in 7th grade, the ensemble in Hairspray Jr, Ondary in A Spare Me, The Little Pig Who Was Not Eaten by the Wolf in Goldilocks on Trial, and the dance ensemble of Cinderella. Now in The Tempest, she plays a mariner/voice and she is also on crew. She would like to thank her family and friends for their support and her pets, Paris and Jumpy (fishes), Maisy (dog), Mickey and Minnie (cats), and Whiskers (manatee), she adopted one for her birthday.

Christoffer Snel (Crew) is in his second show here at Mount Vernon. He was a member of the dance ensemble and crew for Cinderella. In addition to joining theatre this year, Christoffer has also been a member of the cross country and track teams, and he was the captain for the academic team.


Cyris Soto (Ferdinand) is just Cyris.


Sarah Thrapp (Assistant Publicity Crew Head) is in her 9th show at MVHS. She has been Assistant Hair & Make-Up Crew Head for this season and an actor is various shows since her freshman year. She hopes you like the show's publicity and hopes you will come see other shows!

Jaytoe Tukan (Crew) is a determined person, with high hopes for the play.

Lena Vallejos (Crew) is in her (insert number here)th show at Mount Vernon (forgot what number this is). She is glad the school year is over and is all too ready for summer. Her favorite part of the process was singing along with her girls to their favorite songs during work days.

Aaron Veal (Assistant Set Crew Head) is :)

Alexis Wankowski (Stage Manager) would like to thank her dog Jax, her parents, and Loki for all their love and support. She would also like to let everyone know that waffles are the best. She hopes you enjoy, or enjoyed, the show. Thanks!

Hayleigh Wankowski (Set Crew Head/Gonzalo) is Old Man Time (because Gonzalo is an old man...)

Caitlin Ziemba (Boatswain) is thrilled to be performing her second theatre production at Mount Vernon. In the past, she has performed in musicals for her elementary school’s production of CATS and Mount Vernon’s production of Cinderella where she was cast as the Herald. She hasn’t done a play before, let alone performed a Shakespeare play. She’s excited for the play to tack on more experience for her.



Jessica Joy Satryan Shaw (Director) is the Theatre Arts teacher and director here at Mount Vernon High School.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Villanova University, concentrating her studies in directing and theatre education, and a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Grove City College, where she was awarded Magna cum laude with High Honors in Music and received the Music Education Award for excellence in the field of Music Education.  Outside of MVHS, Jessica develops and presents on theatre curriculum, and she is a member of FCPS Pride and the FCPS Theatre Arts Directors' Association (TADA).