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January 20, 2023 at 7pm

January 21, 2023 at 2pm

January 21, 2023 at 7pm

By Tommy Jamerson

Produced by special arrangement with YouthPLAYS (


“The Wizard of Oz meets Choose Your Own Adventure in this fresh and fast-paced retelling of the L. Frank Baum classic in which the audience plays playwright and gets the chance to change everything from Dorothy's footwear (silver slippers or ruby red...clown shoes?) to Toto's species (lion, tiger or octopus?—oh my!) to the Witch's flying footmen. A delight for children of all ages, Choose Your Own Oz reminds us all that at the end of the day, there really is no place like home.”


Production Team


Director ... Mustang Johnson

Stage Manager ... Brandy Giffin

Set Crew Heads ... Dre Jenkins, Samantha Dresch, & Keira Wankowski
Assistant Set Crew Heads ... Mckale Galvez & Kaleb Zeraye


Props Crew Heads ... Eva Greek, Jaden Harris, & Clarissa Rodriguez

Assistant Props Crew Heads ... Keely Bailey-Parsley & Lilliana Webb

Costume Crew Heads ... JJ Dunn, & Grace McCain

Assistant Costume Crew Heads ... Abby Lefevre & Theodore Low

Hair & Makeup Crew Head ... Kami Smith

Assistant Hair & Makeup Crew Heads ... Zoe Buckles & Christine Mayen-Franco

Light Crew Head ... Elizabeth Snyder

Sound Crew Head ... Jack Dova

Assistant Sound Crew Head ... Susana Baidoo

Publicity Crew Heads ... Diana Calles, Gabi Convery, & Brandy Giffin

Assistant Publicity Crew Head ... Katie Dheming


Nigel Dee Narrator ... Grace McCain

Dorothy ... Natalie Stankiewicz

Toto ... Keira Wankowski

Glinda ... Adrian Llamas

Mumbi ... Gabi Convery
Jack the Scarecrow ... JJ Dunn
Tinker the Tin Man ... Zoe Buckles

Eugene the Lion ... Katie Dheming

The Wizard of Oz ... Grace McCain

Announcer ... Lilly Webb*

Uncle Henry ... Dre Jenkins*

Aunt Em ... Emma Ballantine*

Munchkin 1 ... El Wendy*

Munchkin 2 ... Aaron MacWatters*

Munchkin 3 ... Lilly Webb*

Tree 1 ... Natalie Holland*

Tree 2 ... Keely Bailey-Parsley*

Tree 3 ... Mariah Adams*

Flying Monkey ... Amare D'Agostino^

Flying Pig ... Kyoko Davidson^
Flying Ponkey ... Micheal Hodges^

Cheetah ... Clarissa Rodriguez^

Crow ... Kaila Williamson^

Elephant ... Lee Llamas^

Koala ... Demitrick Johnson^

The Maid ... Natalie Holland*


^Flying Creatures



Izzy Anzaldua
Kailah Augustine

Roni Baird
Emma Ballantine
Zoe Buckles
Cecilia Cheney

Charlie Conforti
Elliot Cooper
Regis Davidson
Aiden Devers

Nick Flores

Dani Fuentes

Aidan Hoo

Ayala Hopkins

Devynn Hopkins

Leiya Ippolito

Alyssa Kiefer
Max Kimball

Alex Lopez

Kate Musser

Ace Miles Naylor

Morgan Tilghman

Ashley Ventura Hernandez
Jason Vinluan


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