Josiah Arnett (Fifth Tove/Crew) is always grateful to be performing at MVHS. He is has been in all of the productions here at MVHS this year and all of the productions during his time at WWMS. Josiah would like to thank his family for all the dedication that they instill in him everyday. Josiah would also like to thank Sydney Osei Tutu for reminding him to keep the dream alive. Josiah's last thank you goes to his daily motivation, his late grandfather, Dennis J. Arnett.


Alexandra Berrios (Second Rath) is glad to be a part of the first outdoor summer production at MVHS.  She’s been many things in the MVHS theatre but finally being a 5 year old with ADHD (she’s actually 17 with ADHD), it is an unexpected role she is playing. Next year, she will be attending the GMU School of Theatre. She loves everyone in cast and crew. Will miss.

K thanks.


Keeley Bryant (Lucy) is excited to be in her third show at MVHS. She has previously been in Macbeth (Lady Macbeth), The Little Mermaid Jr. (Adella), A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Cratchit), and High School Musical (Taylor McKessie/Braniac). She would like to thank Mrs. Shaw for giving her this opportunity. She would also like to thank her friends and family for helping her through this process.

Monica Caceres (Crew) is in her third show for Mount Vernon High School's Theatre Arts Program. She is really excited for the outcome of Beware the Jabberwock because it is MVHS's first outdoor show. She would like to thank her parents and her sister for being Number 1, and all her theatre friends whom she loves very, very much.


Jared Diallo (Jub Jub Bird) is excited to take on his role as a deranged bird in his first outdoor production with Mount Vernon High School . Previously, he has been a mono-toned Narrator, a forgetful spotlight operator, a not so merry, merry man, and an abusive monkey. Jared also sings with Mount Vernon's Choir group "Vocal Recall" and is an out of shape swimmer with MVHS in the winter. Finally, Jared is a lifeguard in the area and also umpires baseball/softball games in the community.  He wants to thank his family and friends for dealing with him 25/8, even though he's a hot mess. He's super excited for this production and hopes you enjoy the show.


Donovan Fisher (Publicity Crew Head/First Borogrove) is excited to be part of his fifth seasoned show at Mount Vernon. Previously, he’s played as a waiter (Guys & Dolls), Young Scrooge (A Christmas Carol), and Jack Scott (High School Musical), among other characters. He also part of the Cappies Critic Team this year, and will be the ITS Treasurer come this fall. He would like to give a big thanks to his parents, the seniors, Mrs. Shaw, Sam, Ttendo, Mauro, Keeley, and everyone else who has supported him on the way to where he is now. Thank you, and enjoy!


Mauro Gomez (Publicity Crew Head) is delighted to be participating in his third theatre production at Mount Vernon. He previously worked as the publicity head of A Christmas Carol, and starred as Ryan in High School Musical. Besides doing theatre, Mauro is also involved in the school as a yearbook editor and a Cappies Critic. He would like to wish one of his closest friends, India Khanna, good luck and farewell in her final show. Also he'd like to thank his friends and family for supporting his love for theatre. Enjoy the show!

Katerin Sales Gonzalez (Crew) is joining her first theater production at Mount Vernon High School. She had a good time with her best friends in Crew. She would like to thank her parents for encouraging her to be more open with people.


Willow Gritzmaker (Props Crew Head/Fourth Tove) is excited to act in her first show, as well as return as props co-crew head. She was also prop crew head during Mount Vernon High School's production of High School Musical. She would like to give special thanks to her mother as she can not attend the show, but still gives constant support. CONSTANT.


Katerin Hernandez (First Rath) is both excited and nervous for her first play as an actor. She would like to thank her friends, brother, and sister for their support.


India Khanna (Emma) is a recent high school graduate of MVHS, and is very excited for not only the first summer show, but for her last show with MVHS Theatre. She has been in two main stage productions: A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Sladitch) and High School Musical (Ripper/Mongo). She has also been in two VHSL one act shows: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Jesus) and Cupid and Psyche: An Internet Love Story (Izzy). India will be leaving for college in August, but she will always show love and support for the MVHS Theatre department. To her fellow seniors in theatre, you all will always mean the world to India. She would like to thank her friends, family, her friend Matthew for giving her the push to join theatre, and Mrs. Shaw for making her last year a memorable one. GO CLASS OF 2k17!


Jade Knudsen (Second Borogrove) is making her acting debut as a Borogrove playing alongside her brother. You can tell them apart, because she is the one wearing the skirt.  She is a member of Tri-M, Robotics, and is a recent inductee to the International Thespian Society.  She’s previously been on the sound and light crews, and she participates in improv.  Writing this bio was hard for her because it has to be written in third person.  She never met third person and was never taught how to write in a person. She is an award-winning Orchestra Art Team member, but she’s better at drawing to conclusions. Speaking of conclusions, The End.


Zev Knudsen (Third Borogrove) is eager to do the summer play, Beware the Jabberwock, as a colorful mop-like bird called a Borogrove alongside his sister, Jade. In High School Musical, he felt like he was riding a rainbow in outer space when he joined lighting crew to shine colored dots backstage. Zev debuted as Peter Cratchit (A Christmas Carol), and really liked being on the stage. He recently completed Theatre Arts 1 and is an enthusiastic participant in Improv here at MVHS. He has played trumpet for the last four years, and recently was awarded the Spirit and Service award as principal player. He would like to thank his family for their support.

Mikayla Madden (Costume Crew Head) is excited to be a part of Mount Vernon High School's first summer show. After being a part of five main stage shows and numerous other performances she feels like this is a perfect send off before heading to South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to pursue Metallurgical Engineering. She would like to thank the entire cast and crew for making her years at Mount Vernon special; she will cherish the memories she has made with such a wonderful company for the rest of her life.


Maggie McClelland (Costume Crew Head/Queen) is excited to participate in her 7th show at Mount Vernon! She hopes you can enjoy her impromptu performance as the Queen and the costumes that she helped make with her co-crew head Mikayla. You may have seen her in performances where she played a wimpy bird (Gertrude McFuzz- Seussical), a flashy show girl (Hot Box Dancer- Guys and Dolls), a heartbroken heart-stomper (Belle- A Christmas Carol), a snobbish brat (Sharpay- High School Musical), and many more! She wants to thank her sister for getting her into theatre, her friends- especially Mikayla because the costumes would not be what they are without her, and her dog Romeo for always being there when she gets home. Enjoy the show!

MacK McLean (First Bandersnatch) is so excited for her first performance at MVHS! She is thankful that to be performing with her fellow Bandersnatch twin, Mikayla. She's so funny and even though they haven't known each other long, Mikayla is one of the best people MacK has gotten the pleasure to know and work with. She’d like to thank her friends and family for supporting her dreams, and sh'ed like to thank her Pap-Pap, Mr. C, and her former CHMS drama club and Improv team for making her love acting even more than thought possible. She hopes you enjoy the show with all the hard work put into it. Lights, Camera, Action!


Angela Menendez (Second Tove/Crew) is excited to be doing her 6th show here at Mount Vernon High School. She has been previously seen in the shows A Not So True Tale of Robin Hood as a fawning lady, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe in the ensemble, Guys and Dolls as Agatha, A Christmas Carol as Tom, and High School Musical as a cheerleader. She is a member of the International Thespian Society, and member of Improv. She is also part of the National Arts society and is the new Sunshine Committee chair for next year executive board. She hopes everyone enjoys the show, since it's the 1st outdoor show she's done.


Steven Anthony Landaverde Perez (Crew) is excited to be working on his first show at Mount Vernon High School. He is part of the set crew. He'd like to thank himself for all the wonderful work he’s done. :)


Laura Schmechel (First Tove) is super excited for her 3rd show at Mount Vernon! Previously, she played Tessie in Annie JR and Ariel in The Little Mermaid JR, both at Walt Whitman Middle School. In A Christmas Carol she played Martha Cratchit and in High School Musical she played Gabriella and a Brainiac. Laura is also a proud member of choir. She would like to thank her friends and family for helping her get where she is.

Mikayla Terkos (Second Bandersnatch) is playing a character in a show for the first time. Previously, she’s been doing backstage work, such as run crew and set crew head. She thoroughly enjoyed those experiences, so she though, "Why not try something else?"


Sarah Thrapp (Third Tove) is excited to be in her third MVHS production. She played Girl in The Christmas Carol and Martha Cox in High School Musical. She wants to say thanks to the theatre group for making her Freshman year easy and welcoming. Also, hi to her cat!!


Kirsten Trauger (Crew) is excited to be working on props crew for her first show, and would like to thank Willow Gritzmaker for getting her into theatre.


Kennedi Williams (Stage Manager) is looking forward to her third production as a stage manager in the Mount Vernon Theatre Arts program. This is her first time participating in an outdoor show and she is excited for the challenge. She is also going to be Editor-In-Chief of the school yearbook in the upcoming school year. She wants to thank her parents and close friends for supporting her in whatever she does.


Ttendo Williams (Jabberwock) is participating in his fifth production at Mount Vernon; he loves Mount Vernon. He has been in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Guys and Dolls, A Christmas Carol and High School Musical. He hopes you all enjoy this very fun production of Beware the Jabberwock. He would like to thank all his friends for making theatre such a fun place.


Denilson Zapata (Tumtum Tree) is participating in his second show with the Mount Vernon Theatre Arts program, and he enjoys being a part of this amazing program. In the past, he has starred as Daddy Warbucks, a Who, and Kratnoff. The more productions he does, the more he feels at home with this school. He plans to continue his journey in the world of theatre.


Samuel Zarek (Props Crew Head/Prince Percy) is excited to be in his tenth production and seventh with Mount Vernon Theatre. He has been in Seussical JR. as Horton, Guys and Dolls as Nicely Nicely Johnson, and A Christmas Carol as Ebenezer Scrooge. This is his first show being a crew head and on crew. He is also in the school Orchestra and Chorus. He would like to thank Alex, Donovan, Ttendo, Jared, his parents, Mrs. Shaw, and the rest of his friends.



Jessica Joy Satryan Shaw (Theatre Arts Teacher and Director) is excited for her third production here at MVHS, and to introduce outdoor theatre to her students. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Villanova University, concentrating her studies in directing and theatre education, and a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Grove City College, where she was awarded Magna cum laude with High Honors in Music and received the Music Education Award for excellence in the field of Music Education.  Outside of MVHS, Jessica will be serving as the 2017-2018 High School Representative President for the FCPS Theatre Arts Directors' Association.  She can also be found working and presenting on theatre curriculum development.

Ron Nicol (Playwright) is an award-winning playwright published in the UK, the USA, and in the Netherlands in Dutch. There have been more than 400 productions of his plays and pantomimes throughout Britain, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg and Hong Kong. Productions of his one-act plays have won many awards at festivals in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Canada.  For more information, please visit his website,

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