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About once a month, students meet to play a wide variety of theatre improvisation games. Students do no need to be enrolled in a theatre elective or participating in a production to participate.  All Mount Vernon students are welcome to attend and play.


Throughout the school year, improv competitions are held at various Fairfax County Public Schools.  Typically, each school plays as a team and teams are awarded points for how well they play each improv game.  But, much like the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway, the points and who wins doesn't really matter.  It's just a fun night of improv with students from all over Fairfax County. To compete on the MVHS Improv Team, students must be a part of our Improv Club.

2022-2023 Team Captains:

Kailah Augustine & Kimani Moore


November 2021 Improv Club Meeting

FCPS 2022-2023 Improv Competition Dates

October 7th at Annandale High School 

November 18th at Edison High School
December 2nd at Woodson High School
January 13th at Herndon High School
February 10th at Oakton High School
March 17th at South County High School

May 5th or 12th at Mount Vernon High School

*Competition dates/locations are still being determined and are subject to change.

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