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January 18, 2019 at 7pm

January 19, 2019 at 2pm

January 19, 2019 at 7pm

Written by Ed Monk

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

Goldilocks is on trial for breaking and entering. Will she be found guilty and sent to prison, or will the truth come out? It's up to Judge Wallabee and some very silly jurors to decide after hearing testimony from Goldee, the Three Bears, and surprise witness the Big Bad Wolf...


Production Team


Assistant Director ... Josiah Arnett


Stage Manager … Willow Gritzmaker

Dramaturg ... Katia Ramirez


Set Crew Head ... Brandon Moreno

Props Crew Head … Katia Ramirez

Assistant Set & Props Crew Head ... Emma Fisher


Costume Crew Head … Laura Schmechel

Assistant Costume Crew Head ... Angelia Purdie

Hair & Make-up Crew Heads ... Emily Gomez-Ponce & Sarah Thrapp

Light & Sound Crew Head … Jordan Patnett


Publicity Crew Head … Donovan Fisher

Assistant Publicity Crew Head ... Breyla Rhymes


Melvin the Bailiff ... Benjamin Chinery

Judge Wallabee ... Yara Ammar

District Attorney (DA) Muffinhead ... Julia vonFahnestock

Attorney Wombat ... Quinn Quilty Montgomery

Goldee Wynn Locks (aka Goldilocks) ... Nacala Bollinger

Papa Bear ... Deric Quincy Allen

Mama Bear ... Breyla Rhymes

Baby Bear (Tiffanii) ... Sarah Funkhouser

Detective Clorox ... Brooke King

The Little Pig Who Was Not

Eaten By the Wolf ... Olivia Schmechel

Dr. Cantaloupe ... Hayleigh Wankowski

Merwin the Big Bad Wolf ... Alexya Robinson

Courtroom Assistants ("Jurors") ...

Abby Mille Frazier & Emily Grinstead


Keeley Bryant

Tanner Buggeln

Amanda Carter

Ashley Davis

Nicole Duchaine

Fernand Ekoue Zondodji

Max Fisher

Abraxas Frias

Nicole Jimenez

Abigail Lybarger

Aubrey Rose Kocen

Arianna S. Meeks

Caden Mulvey

Karly Sargent

Olivia Schmechel

Hewan Solomon

Carsen Svilich

Lena Vallejos

Brian Ventura Hernandez

Hayleigh Wankowski


Directed by Donovan Fisher


Special thanks to Melanie Beus for our production photos.

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