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A Podcast Production.  

By Danielle Mohlman

Based on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


Episode 1: "Mary Shelley"*

*NCA Cappies Critics listened to and reviewed this episode.

Episode 2: "Madame DeLacey"

Episode 3: "Henry Clerval"

Episode 4: "Justine Moritz"

Episode 5: "Percy Shelley"

Episode 6: "Victor Frankenstein"

Episode 7: "The Creature"

Episode 8: Behind-The-Scenes episode featuring the playwright and members of our cast & crew!

Episode 9: Talkback episode exploring the historical and literary connections within the play, featuring faculty members from the MVHS English and Social Studies department!

Frankenstein Poster, English.jpg

When Mary Shelley sits down to write Frankenstein, she’s 18 years old with everything to prove. Her husband, the poet Percy Shelley, is too in his head to notice his wife’s phenomenal talent. She’s grieving the death of her infant daughter. And in this era of gothic literature, no one wants to believe that the darkness on the page mirrors the storm in her own head. That is, until her mother shows up. The only problem is, Mary Wollstonecraft died when Shelley was just ten days old. This adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel explores monsters and the women who create them. It’s a play that asks the age old question: How far would you go to outrun your ghosts? 


  • Domestic violence and the maltreatment of women in that time period: women having little-to-no rights on their own and being the property of their husbands, socially accepted abuse and assault of women, and women taking their own lives possibly as a result of these things.

  • Relationships: This play explores different types of relationships, including both healthy and toxic relationships, different parent-child relationships, the relationship between creator and creation, new and lifelong friendships, and romantic affection, both heterosexual & homosexual.

  • Death: Mary's mother died when she was a baby, and her daughter Clara died 8 days after birth. Victor's mother dies of scarlet fever.  

  • Violence: With this being Frankenstein, there is the violence linked to The Creature killing members of Victor’s family, as well as in Victor's fever dream after he creates The Creature.


Production Team


Assistant Director ... Hayleigh Wankowski

Stage Manager … Jayden Edwards

Asst. Stage Manager ... Ethan Garcia

Sound Crew Heads ... Sebastian Fisher, Caden Mulvey, & Katia Ramirez

Costume, Hair, & Makeup Crew Head … Lena Vallejos

Asst. Costume, Hair, & MakeUp Crew Head ...  Olivia Schmechel

Publicity Crew Head, Trailers ... Emma Fisher

Asst. Publicity Crew Head, Trailers ... Catherine Stankewick


Publicity Crew Heads, Posters & Promotional Images …

Lily Dominguez Castro & Breyla Rhymes



Mary Shelley / The Creature ... Bridget Snyder

Mary Wollstonecraft ... Katia Ramirez

Percy Bysshe Shelley / Victor Frankentein ... Quinn Montgomery

Henry Clerval ... Kimani Moore

Alphonse Frankenstein ... Yariel Calo

Monsieur Beaufort ... Grace McCain

Caroline Frankenstein ... Emma Fisher

Elizabeth Lavenza ... Emily Whorley

Madame DeLacey ... Yara Ammar

Agatha DeLacey ... Lena Vallejos

William Frankenstein ... Katie Dheming

Justine Moritz ... Kennedi Johnson

The Party ...

Kailah Augustine, Emily Grinstead,

Christine Johnson, & Emma Thatcher



Kailah Augustine

Cinthia Avelar

Kaitlyn Embrey

Ethan Garcia

Christine Johnson

Aubrey Kocen

Kimani Moore

Leona Rush

Emma Thatcher

Madelyn Torres

Julia vonFahnestock

Emily Whorley

Mark Wilson


Directed by Emma Fisher & Catherine Stankewick


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