Welcome Parents and Guardians!  So, what's a "booster"?  Easy answer: YOU ARE!  All students involved in our shows and their families are part of our Theatre Booster family.  Booster family members often provide meals, help students with jobs such as set construction and costuming, and are frequently seen in the front of the house in the ticket booth or selling show-related merchandise. Please sign up below to receive updates on shows and other ways you can support your child in our theatre program!

2021-2022 Meeting Notes
2021-2022 Booster Board

Melissa Schmechel, President

Brigitte Blachere, Vice President

Kelly Woodson, Treasurer

Marie McCain, Secretary

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there an online calendar for the Theatre program?
A: Yes.  The website has an up-to-date calendar with all the rehearsals, crew work days, show dates, ITS and Cappies meetings, Improv Club, etc.  Look under the calendar tab or click here:

Q: Can we bring donations at anytime?

A: Yes. We are always accepting donations of water bottles, paper goods, and cutlery.  You may send it in with your child or bring it during pick up from a rehearsal/meeting.