June 28, 2017 at 7pm, Grist Mill Park

June 29, 2017 at 7pm, Woodlawn Elementary School Playground

June 30, 2017 at 7pm, Mount Vernon High School Senior Courtyard

   (Entrance 4)

*Rain location: Andrew Lee Pauley Theater, Mount Vernon High School

Written by Ron Nicol

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Free admission; donations welcome.

Concessions will be sold.

Sponsored by the MVHS Theatre Arts Boosters

This is a family-friendly comedy, a fantasy play inspired by the Jabberwocky poem from Alice in Wonderland.  


Emma and Lucy are lost in Tulgey Wood, a mysterious forest full of weird and wonderful creatures. Joined by intrepid but hapless knight Percy, they come face to face with the awesome Jabberwock - and then Lucy is bandersnatched! Eventually the Jabberwock's terrible secret is revealed, and the children find out what "frumious" really means.


Production Team

Stage Manager ……… Kennedi Williams

Costume Crew Heads … Mikayla Madden & Maggie McClelland   


Props Crew Heads ……… Willow Gritzmaker & Samuel Zarek

Publicity Crew Heads ……… Donovan Fisher & Mauro Gomez


Josiah Arnett

Monica Caceres

Steven Landaverde Perez

Angela Melendez

Katerin Sales Gonzalez

Kirsten Trauger


Emma ……… India Khanna

Lucy  Keeley Bryant
First Tove
Laura Schmechel
Second Tove
Angela Melendez
Third Tove
Sarah Thrapp

Fourth Tove Willow Gritzmaker

Fifth Tove Josiah Arnett
Jubjub Bird
Jared Diallo
The Queen
 Maggie McClelland
First Borogrove
Donovan Fisher
Second Borogrove
Jade Knudsen

Third Borogrove Zev Knudsen
First Rath
Katerin Hernandez
Second Rath
 Alexandra Berrios

Prince Percy  Samuel Zarek
Tumtum Tree
Denilson Zapata
Ttendo Williams
First Bandersnatch
MacK McLean
Second Bandersnatch
Mikayla Terkos


Directed by Donovan Fisher


Thank you to the MVHS Visual Arts Department for letting us borrow one of their cameras!

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