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January 28, 2022 at 7pm


January 29, 2022 at 2pm

January 29, 2022 at 7pm


February 4, 2022 at 7pm

Adapted by Jason Pizzarello
Based on the stories of Lewis Carroll


Produced by special arrangement with Stage Partners.


Run time: 75 minutes plus intermission.


"Alice falls down the rabbit hole. Mad tea parties, sarcastic caterpillars, depressed turtles, and one, very, very irrational Queen. Will Alice ever escape this dream-like landscape? Or was she never meant to at all?"


Production Team

Stage Manager … Snowe Sellers

Asst. Stage Manager ... Catherine Stankewick


Set Crew Heads … Aaron Veal & Lukas Wankowski

Asst. Set Crew Heads ... Samantha Dresch, Kian Oksendahl, & Jaytoe Tukan


Props Crew Heads ... Ervin Arquiza & Aubrey Kocen

 Asst. Prop Crew Heads ... Aydenn Calip, Eva Greek, Jaden Harris, & Clarissa Rodriguez

Costume Crew Heads … Kailah Augustine, Emily Grinstead, & Olivia Schmechel

Hair & Makeup Crew Head ... Julia von Fahnestock

Asst. Costume, Hair, & Makeup Crew Heads ... Phoenix Bryant & Kailyn Smith

Light & Sound Crew Head … Christine Johnson

Asst. Light Crew Heads ... Angel Crist & Arsenio Hill

Asst. Sound Crew Heads ... Nicks Jimenez & Elizabeth Snyder


Publicity Crew Head … Catherine Stankewick

Asst. Publicity Crew Head ... Kiwi Moore


Alice's Sister ... Christina Miranda Perez

Alice ... Christine Mayen-Franco

White Rabbit ... Lee Llamas

Second Alice ... Clarissa Rodriguez

Old Squirrel ... Teddy Teng

Fish-Footman ... Emanuelle Mora

Frog-Footman ... Ren Franks

Duchess .. Adrian Llamas

Cook ... Arsenio Hill

Cheshire Cat ... Ace Naylor

Mad Hatter ... Mustang Johnson

March Hare ... Kaziem Salazar

Dormouse ... Natalie Stankiewicz

Humpty Dumpty ... Yariel Calo

White Knight ... Michael Hodges

Rose ... Olivia Schmechel

TIger-Lily ... Catherine Stankewick

Daisy 1 ... Phoenix Bryant

Daisy 2 ... Kira Metheny

Tweedle Dum ... Keira Wankowski

Tweedle Dee ... Rachel Baker

Caterpillar ... Kailah Augustine

Gryphon ... Emily Grinstead

Mock Turtle ... Grace McCain

Gardners: Two of Clubs ... Gabi Convery

Five of Clubs ... Mary Hammond

Seven of Clubs ... Kyoko Davidson

Queen of Hearts ... JJ Dunn

King of Hearts ... Jackson Waters

Soldier Cards ... KeelyBailey-Parsley, Aydenn Calip, Lynn Matthews, & Dahlia Trott

Knave of Hearts ... Matthew Boehm

Executioner ... Regis Davidson


Mariah Adams

Izzy Anzaldua

Keely Bailey-Parsley

Rachel Baker

Joseph Barber

Spring Butu-Agadezukpo

Diana Calles

Gyp Carter

Victoria Cerros

Gabi Convery

Matea Crist

Annalisa Del Rosario

Aiden Devers

Katie Dheming

Jack Dova

JJ Dunn

Jam Edwards

Adlai Eubanks

Ren Franks

Brandy Giffin

Levondre Jenkins

Max Kimball

Maddie Kirichoff

Alanna Lee

Adrian Llamas

Lee Llamas

Grace McCain

Arianna Meeks

Francessca Montero

Emanuelle Mora

Ace Naylor

Ashley Noël

Kate Savage

Lark Savage

Lance Valentine

Jason Vinluan

Ayden Wildman


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